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The Simplifiers Event Planning - Austin, TX

Let us help you simplify!

The Simplifiers
full service event planning & personal concierge

The Simplifiers event planning service is for Austinites with other things on their mind. Let's face it: modern day-to-day life consists of so much to do and not enough time to do it. One thing is true: we all need a little help every now and again.

We help simplify your life.

The Simplifiers are your ultimate Party Planners! Interested in throwing an elegant dinner party at your home or maybe coordinating a unique staff retreat for your employees, but never felt like you had time? We are here to help.

Special events created by The Simplifiers are sure to be memorable moments, handling all of the details from designing the invitations to transporting and setting up rental equipment to catering to booking live music and even cleanup afterwards. Individuals and corporate clients alike.

We also offer Personal Concierge services for clients. Consider The Simplifiers as your Personal Assistant, helping you to focus on the more important things in your life, not your chores and daily errands. While we are picking up your dry cleaning, you are spending more time with your family. While we are doing your grocery shopping, you are strolling down the Austin Hike & Bike trail enjoying the sunset. While we are delivering your gourmet lunch to your workplace, you are getting that big project done now, so you can get home at a decent hour later.

Affordable, Convenient, and Reliable

Free Personal Consultation and Delivery on first visit!